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New Quality of Service Page

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New Quality of Service Page

Morning All

I wanted to give you a heads up around a new page we’re creating, to give a bit more help and information around our service performance. As you know we’re all about being straightforward and honest at Plusnet and we feel the information we’ll be sharing, supports this way of working.

The page will be updated each quarter and show information and stats for the previous quarter, on the following areas:
Broadband Faults

Phone Faults

Customer Service Performance

As we’re bringing in the above, we’ll be removing the current page we have showing Customer Support stats: We know very few people visit this page and don’t get any real value from it however, the introduction of our new Quality of Service page will more than fill this gap.

The new page will go live on 20th March and as ever, we welcome your feedback on the Community.

Cheers Louisa

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Re: New Quality of Service Page



I suggest that measuring usefulness by hit rate might not paint the full picture of the page's usefulness.  If the content of the page was faithful, then there would be real value in its content.  However the accuracy of the information on that page has been a bone of contention for a good while.  Not since the "new" phone system was installed has "the current longest waiting call" been displayed.  We were told it was a technology problem, but (call me cynical if you must) I rather suspect the figure is more often than not too embarrassing.

i have elsewhere suggested open, honest and transparent live metrics which could be published to show how brilliantly support is performing.  Alas we have remained where we were until finally some decides the existing page is so useless, it might as well be dispensed with and replaced by something different.

Live information on current response times can be invaluable to help decide when to make contact.  Historical perspectives of how you've performed over the last 3 months is different information.  From a business perspective, I'd not want to be waiting 3 months to publish new performance data following a period containing "poor results" possibly arising from a major incident or supplier instigated MBORC.

There is no substitute for reliable realtime information, having clear well known sign posts to the page, from for example, the how to contact us page.

I hope that the decision to totally demise the page will be reviewed and something more fit for current performance reporting might be put in its place.


PS: I suspect someone forgot to lock this thread! Grin

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Re: New Quality of Service Page


I thought that this board was supposed to be read only for us lesser mortals

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Re: New Quality of Service Page

@Oldjim - because we want feedback about it, Louisa wanted to unlock this particular topic (all the others are locked currently). Maybe it would be better to have a seperate discussion topic for this though.. I think one does exist currently.

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