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When will IPv6 be available?

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Re: When will IPv6 be available?

I'm curious as to what costs PlusNet would need to cover for an IPv6 rollout.

They're a BT Company and piggyback on BT OpenReach, they use BT's own wholesale system for their customers.
The PlusNet Hub is quite literally a reskinned HomeHub 5 inside and out (I've compared their motherboards side by side, they're the exact same other than cheaper capacitors and whatnot), the PlusNet Hub software still shows BT in some parts of it.

As soon as the HomeHub 5 is capable of IPv6 then the PlusNet Hub would be, I've no idea if it is. I know the HomeHub 6 is capable of it and works fine.


There's really not much PlusNet would have to do, is there?

I could be completely missing something obvious though Tongue Correct me if I'm way off the mark.

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Re: When will IPv6 be available?

The One and Home Hub 5 are IPv6 capable, it is hidden or disabled.


Or upgrade it to OpenWRT. However you still need to upgrade their kit/network