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telecare system

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telecare system

I have a telecare system in my home which works with the current telephone system and very soon it will be changing to a new digital telephone line

do I need to let Plusnet know of having a telecare alert system and also of the change over of the telecare alert system to the new digital one 


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Re: telecare system

@Allan1  Why will it be changing to a digital phone line, Plusnet do not provide any digital voice service, are you changing to a different provider such as BT? In that case it is nothing to do with Plusnet. The switch off of the current phone system is not until 2025 so you should have time to arrange a compatible care system.

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Re: telecare system

thanks for replying.

i am still staying with plusnet

It's the telecare system that is being changed over.

I have had an update on the telecare system this morning and the current system has been updated so it will still work when the current phone system switches off


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Re: telecare system

@RealAleMadrid I expect they might have one of these systems

GSM – Annual Package

The GSM Alarm allows you to be protected by our Telecare service, even if you don’t have a landline. Instead, the GSM Alarm uses a SIM card to connect itself to a mobile phone network. The device will search for the strongest signal from a range of providers and connect to the number one network.


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Re: telecare system

To clarify here, is it just the Telecare System CONNECTION which is going digital or is it the PHONE service which is going digital?

All PTSN borne services will need to migrate to digital connectivity … which is not the same as the phone service going digital.

Is this simply a matter of the third party alarm system switching from using the phone line to using broadband? One big issue I can see here is that alarm alerting over broadband needs a lot more operational kit than doing so over a copper PTSN phone line.

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Re: telecare system

An interesting snippet on one of the telecare providers sites


What do I need to do?

If you wish to find out more about when the switchover will be happening in your local area then please contact your phone provider.

If you have already been contacted by your phone or internet provider regarding an imminent switch over to digital we recommend you;

  • Tell them you are a vulnerable client with telecare equipment in your property
  • Ask to register with their Priority Service Register
  • Request a free 1 hour battery back up for your router in case of power cuts


Its no wonder some ISP's arenet going to be interested in providing a phone service if they're going to be on the hook for providing ( and maintaining?) UPS.

As an aside , other bits of their site ( ) seem to think that BT are the only supplier out there, referring to Home Hub as the router!

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.