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moving house questions

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moving house questions

Hi all,
hoping some kind soul can help with my queries.
I am moving soon (no date yet) into a deceased's property. The phone line (BT) is still connected (as far as i know). I already have paid Plusnet for my annual line rental saver and my broadband/calls are monthly direct debit, and I would like to stay with them. However, I don't know what to do about the BT line  - I would like a quick turnaround on setting up in the new house, so which would be quicker and cheaper -  getting the BT line disconnected before I move in and starting with a new line from Plusnet, or leaving BT line on and swapping it over???? Do Plusnet charge for a new line, and how quickly could I be sorted for broadband and phone line???
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: moving house questions

Hi there,
A new line provision would cost £49.99, most likely require an engineer visit and probably take longer to organise.
It's likely BT have placed a "stop" order against the line in which case you should be able to reactivate it with the provider of your choice fairly quickly and without cost.
So I can check this and give you an accurate answer feel free to PM me with the number and the address in question so I can make an availability check.
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 Adam Walker
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