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Trouble trying to change call plan

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Registered: ‎27-04-2016

Trouble trying to change call plan

Trying to change my call plan from unlimited UK calls to unlimited UK and Mobile calls (change from £6.50 to £8.00 per month).

Tried the change product tool but the option is not there.

Rang last night to ask and after waiting an eternity was told it may not be possible due to line rental saver. This was corrected and they realised I could change but the person I spoke to could not do it as her screen was the same as mine and no option to allow the change.

Checked today and ticket was raised but also closed saying another department could do the change but I have no idea when or if this will happen? It now appears impossible for me to raise a new ticket? Have PlusNet stopped you raising a ticket for an issue?

Any advice please (user name [Removed])

Note - phone support now is a waste of time as it takes so long to be put through despite what time of day you ring. I had to wait nearly 40 mins last night to get through!



Moderator's note by Adie (Dvorak) PN account name removed as it's an open forum.