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New customer-No dial tone (Phone line dead)

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New customer-No dial tone (Phone line dead)


I recently switched from my old provider to Plusnet and Got an Email this morning (14/09/16) saying - 

Ring-ring, your phone line's active!


but sadly its not. I have no dial tone in my phone line and because of this issue my WifI (broadband) isn't working also.

highly frustrated and disappointed. Wait time on phone is 30 mins and chat it can be upto an hour.


Can anybody from Plusnet or community member help me?

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Re: New customer-No dial tone (Phone line dead)

Hi there,

It could be one of two things:


1.) Full migration has not completed: Although your phone line is supposedly activated it can take until midnight to fully go through so this could be one cause.


2.) You have a phone line fault No dial tone is a type of line fault in this case an engineer would have to be sent out to correct the problem.



The only really way to check what is causing this is to contact plusnet which you can do at: alternatively there are plusnet staff on the forum who could review this for however they only work office hours so I can't see them picking this up for you today.