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Sick weary and tired of repeated unasked-for Voicemai l'activations'

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Sick weary and tired of repeated unasked-for Voicemai l'activations'

Looking at my Plusnet monthly bill, I seem to be getting much more than I bargained for in exchange for the not unreasonable charge of £16.98 for Unlimited Fibre broadband and the extortionate £21.22p a month British Telecom Line rental (plus utterly disgraceful BT 24p a minute call charges).

What I'm getting and am sick weary and tied of is the addition of continual interference in how I use my telephone.

For the third time in the past 12 months I have had to log in to my PlusNet account, find the 'phone' section, and uncheck an option that was never checked in the first place: 'Voicemail'. I do not want Voicemail, have no need of voicemail, and have never at any time ever asked for voicemail.

Yet time and again that particular call option gets a tick-in-the-box without my knowledge or consent, and as a result I don't get answerphone messages that I only belatedly discover were left for me (but got interrupted /  intercepted first).

This kind of thing constitutes an interference in a customer's private life such as to disadvantage that customer and should never have occurred in the first place, never mind happen repeatedly.

Has anyone else in the community encountered the same problem such that they only discover what's happened when being compelled to waste time going online to discover that 'Voicemail is currently active'?Huh



Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Sick weary and tired of repeated unasked-for Voicemai l'activations'

Hiya @Zebra7, thanks for getting in touch.


I am really sorry for the issues with the voicemail service that you are having and for the inconvenience this has caused. I am not sure why the service has remained active if you have removed this, but this may be due to it remaining on a back end system.


If you would like the service removing, I can do this from our side for you (ensuring it is also removed from the back end system also) please just add your confirmation on the open ticket I have created here:

If this post resolved your issue please click the 'This fixed my problem' button
 Lauren Barry
 Plusnet Help Team