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Re: Turn off Voicemail

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Re: Turn off Voicemail


I have recieved voicemail which i did not request and do not want but i went on features which is advised but it will not turn off. i have been on since yesturday trying to sort this out

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Re: Turn off Voicemail

hello @charlton1962, welcome to the forum. Has the Voicemail gone off now? - it doesn't go off immediately - it normally takes a little while for the order to be processed by the system.

I assume you used the following link which requires you to login in at the Member Centre/Portal

(Note - your member centre login/password is different (or ought to be for security) from your forum login).

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Re: Turn off Voicemail

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Re: Turn off Voicemail

Welcome to the forums @charlton1962


Looking at your account, I can't see any requests to remove the call feature. If you follow the link posted by @Anotherone you should be able to remove the call feature from your line.

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