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Porting my landline numner.

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Porting my landline numner.

I have FTTC broadband and  a PlusNet home phone package.

Is it possible to port the home phone (so the number is retained) to another provider and keep the broadband with PlusNet?

My understanding is Openreach have a little known service that allows landline numbers to be ported to VOIP which would be fine if that can be done but going to another provider that offers traditional home phone would also work for me provided I get to keep the PlusNet FTTC broadband.

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Re: Porting my landline numner.


I'm afraid not. If you port your landline number out it will automatically trigger the closure of your account and if appropriate, trigger cancellation charges.

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Re: Porting my landline numner.

@clownfish  Also Plusnet stopped Broadband only contracts quite some time ago, it has to be phone and broadband, except for full fibre of course, you lose your phoneline with that.🙄