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Plusnet Phone Service

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Plusnet Phone Service

I shall be upgrading to Plusnet Fibre Broadband in February and of course will lose my phone line.   

Plusnet Customer Services suggest I contact Vonage. 


However they only offer a one year contract but I would prefer a shorter commitment just in case I decide that working with mobile phones satisfacory 

So could anyone recommend an alternative to Vonage who offer a short term contract?

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Re: Plusnet Phone Service


When you were told  to go to a VoIP company were you also told that you currently won’t be able to transfer your existing landline phone number to them?

If this is important to you then come back as there are ways to get around this.

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Re: Plusnet Phone Service

Andrews&Arnold have a good reputation and seem reasonably priced at £1.20 a month for line rental (I use sipgate because it was free when I signed up, but A&A would be my next choice).