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Plusnet Call Protect

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Plusnet Call Protect

Is there anyway I can see and manage my call protect list online?

A friend keeps telling me that he can't call my landline number as he gets a message to say that I have blocked calls and will not accept them from him; something I am sure I have not done - deliberately, at least.

I'm guessing that I may have added him to the list by mistake but, seeing as my blocked list is full of numbers that keep calling me and that I want to keep blocked, it will take hours to go through the list manually. Managing the list through my telephone handset by calling 1572 and reviewing the list is painfully slow and boring.  One option is to delete my entire list but I guess that just opens the floodgates from the other callers again.

What I need is a quick way to see whether my friend's number is in the list.


I did call technical support earlier but they were only able to offer the solution of manually going through the list on my handset.  Can anyone help or suggest something?


Kind regards,



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Re: Plusnet Call Protect


@cliffd1957 Welcome to the forums. As the 'value' brand of BT, PN do not offer the full range of options on many things, and online Call Protect management is one of the 'missing' features - sorry. Manual editing is the only option you have.

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Re: Plusnet Call Protect


The easiest method may be to remove call protect from your account and then reinstate it a day or so later. This will delete all your settings / list of blocked numbers. You will need to re-establish any settings. Many of the numbers you previously blocked some time ago are unlikely to be used to spam you and so this method might not be as dire as it sounds. You can build up a new list of blocked numbers.

Otherwise, as stated it is a case of manual editing vis the phone and I am not sure if any but the last number can be deleted at one time.

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Re: Plusnet Call Protect

Hi Jgb,


Thanks for your feedback.

I think I was hoping to avoid doing that but, at the same time, thinking it was the only realistic option I had.


Thanks for clarifying though.

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Re: Plusnet Call Protect

Just moved from Talktalk, and the ONLY thing that worked smoothly with them was their call blocking service. You could edit it online, and a new caller would need to identify themselves before your phone rang. When you answered you got their message replayed to you, then you could press 1 of 3 buttons on your phone (accept always, accept once, add to blacklist) and you were done.
And I do mean the ONLY thing good about them.