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No phone or broadband for 50 days

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No phone or broadband for 50 days

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Am posting here hoping that it will reach the eyes of someone capable at plusnet who can move this forward...


As of today we've now been without any service for an incredible 50 days.  BTOR pulled a new cable through ducting near our house and whilst doing so broke our cable.  Since then we've waited through applications for traffic management, another for a cable found during traffic management, a hole being dug, an engineer turning up to fix the fault only not to be able to because the traffic management had been removed, the hole filled up without the fault being fixed and now after being told that traffic management would be put in place again today so the hole can be redug I'm incredibly frustrated but not surprised to come home and find no traffic management in place.  You couldn't make it up.


I have repeatedly contacted plusnet support to be told every time that "there's nothing we can do, we have to wait for an update, we have no way of escalating this".  


plusnet, this is not acceptable - you need to manage your relationship with BTOR or contractors involved, you cannot simply blame your suppliers and think that that is reasonable and acceptable to your customers.  I have been repeatedly told you do not have an escalation process to follow in cases of service failure like this - I simply don't believe this.



I also asked on 9 Nov for a manager to contact me and for your formal complaint process to be initiated on this issue.  Neither has been done - the plusnet support team have simply ignored these requests.


What's happened to plusnet's award winning customer service?  They're a long long way from doing me proud right now...


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Re: No phone or broadband for 50 days tells you how to raise a formal complaint

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Re: No phone or broadband for 50 days

Hi there,


Very sorry that it's taking longer than anticipated to resolve your issue.


I've take a look over your account and can see one of my colleagues responded to the ticket on your account earlier today with an update. We're expecting a further update on this tomorrow and will provide this to you asap.

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