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Moving House - What are my options

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Moving House - What are my options

Hi All,
Forgive me if this is in the wrong place, I wasn't sure where was best to put it.
In about a months time (end of feb) we will be completing on a new build house that will not have an active phone line.  I'm contracted to plus net and have no complaints about taking it with me however I was wondering what options are available to me.  Currently we are in a property that is only able to get ADSL.
We are aiming to physically move all our stuff on 3rd march so i'd like to have the phone and internet active by then.
The builders will have fitted a BT point had had it connected to BT's network however it will still be a first connection for the line. 
The house is in an area with FTTC and there is a cabinet at the end of the road circa 100m away.  I'd love to get FTTC back if possible.
I'm hoping I can get everything booked in now to have everything moved around 1/2/3rd March.
Is anyone able to run through my options or do I need to phone up?
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Moving House - What are my options

Good afternoon oliverheard,
Firstly, if it's a new build then I would probably stress that time is of the essence to get the service ordered with either ourselves or a different ISP as soon as possible. Experience tells me that new site builds are occasionally subject to delays as quite often there are parts of the network that still need building.
What I'd recommend is PM'ing me your new address if you're pretty sure that you're staying with PN. I'll get the provisioning side of things sorted sharply. Hopefully we'll get you FTTC. Could you advise me what this tells you?
In terms of offers; you'd be better off having a word with our house move customer options team. Try contacting 03301239197 followed by options 1-1-2.
Either way, let me know how you get on  Smiley
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