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London N6 (Crouch End exchange?) fault March 2013

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London N6 (Crouch End exchange?) fault March 2013

Landline (therefore broadband too) went dead Thursday evening 14/03. No dial tone at master socket. Checked with two neighbours - they both have dead BT lines down at the same time. I have since found out that there are other dead lines around the Highgate area, two other people I know of for certain plus a school, and I have heard rumours of more....
So... Having initially reported the fault on Friday and got an engineer visit booked I get back to PlusNet on Monday to say that it sounds like a generalised issue so an engineer is probably unnecessary. I also asked if there was no information... Seems not, and apparently I have to stick around tomorrow to wait for what is almost certainly a pointless visit.
Anyone out there have any information? It seems amazing that I am not finding reports of a fault and there is no mention on the service status page. BT site also very quiet about this.
Why is customer communication often so difficult?
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: London N6 (Crouch End exchange?) fault March 2013

Hi there, looks like we've recieved a note on the fault that shows our suppliers believe it to be cleared - hope that's the case? Please let us know, cheers.