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Line installation headache

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Line installation headache

Hi - wonder if anyone has any idea on a difficult issue:


Just moved into a flat that's been refurbished - the phone line was in one room but as part of refurbishment builder moved it to another by running a cable inside skirting board from the original position - the original socket was removed entirely and supposed this cable was connected directly to whatever the original line was fixed to.


I ordered fibre broadband from Plusnet, Openreach guy turns up and declares the phone line is broken (I watched him test it) - fits new line but he says he will have drill hole in the wall of room (where original connection point was) to fit it - agrees to leave excess cable that can be run through skirting board.


We took the issue up with builder who insists the original line is fine and 'demonstrates' by attaching a battery to one end and a lightbulb to the other - lightbulb lights up so line must work, he says, and says that we should complain about the installation.


At this point feel a bit stuck because don't know who to believe - anyone have any ideas?

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Line installation headache

Hi there @edjefferson 


Welcome to the forums. 


I'm afraid the builder is not on the money at all here. 


The "test" he showed you is, unfortunately, ludicrous. In fact, I'm finding it difficult to visualise exactly how he did this. Anyway, that's not your fault. The moving of a Master Socket is (whilst completely legal and the at at the End User's discretion) not without it's downfalls, if done by a 3rd party as opposed to OR engineers. Moreover, it sounds as though the Builder has (perhaps inadvertently) actually hindered your line more than helped it as this will now be a longer length form from the DP - extra length = more distance to travel & potentially slower speeds.


I'm afraid that if an engineer states that a new socket/line is needed upon his visit, then that is the case.


I hope this has helped in some way or other. 





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