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Line Rental Saver

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Line Rental Saver

I renewed my Line Rental Saver in December, or so I thought.  I've just noticed that I've been billed for line rental, but the amount I paid for the LRS was being held in my PN account and all my bills were being paid out of that (line rental, broadband, phonecalls) - it's usually so minimal per month that I hadn't noticed.  It was only when I added another product onto my plan that I noticed.  I was trying to add unlimited uk and mobile calls for £8 per month, which seemed to go through ok, but then today I got an email saying my new monthly charge is £26.99, which includes the line rental.

I'm guessing my only option is to try to add the LRS again starting from now?

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Line Rental Saver

HI @gemmamcgee, thanks for your post.


We're sincerely sorry to hear of your billing issues.


On checking the account we can see that your Line Rental Saver contract did apply, but that a system error due to an ongoing issue caused a monthly line rental charge to still be added.


We've just actioned a refund of the wrong amount, which is confirmed here. (We're not able to confirm amounts etc in the public domain).


We'll also monitor the account for the next bill to see whether or not the issue has been rectified by that point.


If you need anything else at all in the meantime please let us know.