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Change landline number

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Change landline number

Main site is apparently down so posting here in the hope that a Plusnet staffer will see this.
Since moving last autumn, I have been getting endless calls for a previous tenant, several times a day. Neither I nor my landlady can contact them to ask them to update their details.
I need to change my landline number to put a stop to the hassle and disruption.
Any help on how to do this?
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Re: Change landline number

With the coming PSTN switch off, now would be a good time to set up a VOIP account. Get an Analogue Telephone Adapter and connect to a LAN port on your router and use a Voip provider such as Sipgate basic where you will not have any extra rental to pay and UK land line calls are only 1.18p per minute (mobiles 9.90p) or unlimited call plan for £9.95 per month. You can choose a local area number from an offered list. You can connect a DECT base station to the ATA so phones don't have to be close to the router. Unplug your phone from the PN line leaving the broadband unaffected. You obviously will not have the problem most users have of ceasing the PN account with porting your existing number to the VOIP provider closing the account. As far as PN are concerned your broadband is still on your current number, just that you are not using their phone service. If you are paying for a call plan, this can of course be cancelled.

You will be future proofed from the 2025 PSTN switch off and not have to be concerned about tying your phone service to your ISP. Unfortunately you will not save on PNs line rental as this is still needed for your broadband.


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Change landline number

Thanks a lot for getting in touch @CalH and I'm really sorry to hear that you're having issues here. I've now been able to find your account though, so if you'd like to send me a PM with the account username, I'll be more than happy to see what can be done.

The initial response to this post does have some incorrect information though, it's right, in that if you have a call plan, it could be cancelled, however you'll need to continue paying for your Line Rental (£21.22 per month before the upcoming price rise), plus whatever you pay for your broadband, as well as your VoIP service.

If I find that some processes have not been followed correctly on our end, I'll of course be able to place a renumber order, which will generate a new number for you. If not, you can either pay £36.63 for a new number, or report these calls to the police as nuisance calls, and provide us with a crime reference number, we'll then be able to waive the fee.

I hope this helps. Smiley

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Re: Change landline number

@adam945  The previous response to yours in this thread by @DelT  is perfectly valid, there is no suggestion that the line rental would no longer need to be paid, just that the line wouldn't be be used for calls. I have a Sipgate Voip account with a different local area number and the call charges are considerably cheaper than Plusnet's. Oh by the way you have done your usual typo of now when you actually mean not.🙄