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'Anytime International 300' no longer makes calls of fewer than 60 minutes free?

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'Anytime International 300' no longer makes calls of fewer than 60 minutes free?

At present I have the Plusnet 'Anytime International 300' phone plan. It allows me to call New Zealand and Australia and indeed various other countries for free, so long as the call lasts less than an hour. Soon my Plusnet contract expires. I consulted the webpage on the phone plans and it seems that the free-for-less-than-an-hour scheme has been discontinued (for, I found no mention of that scheme). It seems rather that now one always gets charged by the minute for international calls (unless the calls are to one of a small, set list of predetermined countries). Seemingly too there is now something (but just what is it?) called a 'setup cost'.

I'd be grateful if someone could shed any light.

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Re: 'Anytime International 300' no longer makes calls of fewer than 60 minutes free?

Phone call charges are laid out here - Plusnet price guides for residential products | Help| Plusnet

Anytime International 300 includes 300 minutes to 35 international destinations and to mobiles in Canada and the USA.

Call set up cost is just that - a charge for connecting the call - if the call gets answered, you pay the connection charge plus the cost of the call.

For details on how calls are charged see - Plusnet landline call tariffs | Help | Plusnet

  • If applicable, the set up fee is added
  • Inclusive calls to international numbers become chargeable after 60 minutes
  • Inclusive calls that become chargeable are charged at the relevant rate until the end of the call. The call set up fee is not applied.

For details of the Anytime International 300 tariff see - Plusnet landline call tariffs | Help | Plusnet

Top 35 international destinations: Australia, Austria, Azores, Belgium, Canada, Canary Islands, China, Christmas Islands, Cocos Islands, Cyprus (Excl. North Cyprus), Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland (Republic of), Italy, Japan, Korea Republic, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, USA.

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