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A Tale of Two Lines - A Cautionary Tale

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Registered: ‎08-05-2023

A Tale of Two Lines - A Cautionary Tale

I am unsure whether I should be adding this here, if not, please remove.


Historically I have had problems causing weeks of outages but was unsure why. Thankfully now I know the reason. Over twenty years ago a second phone line was installed at my address for a number of years and then removed. Both lines were kept live. I have had always had trouble changing internet/phone providers.


I recently moved to Plusnet and for some reason, I could have failed to fill in the keep old number button. So I was allocated a new phone number which Plusnet said could be changed back once the service was started. I received an email to say that the line number, my home phone number for 20 years, could not be allocated as it was allocated to another company.


At this point both phone (wrong number) and broadband working fine.


I have now spoken with a Plusnet representative and after a bit of persistence and questioning we have found out the reason. Two lines to the premises, both active.


Orders have been placed to correct the situation and hopefully I am looking forward to the problem being remedied.