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xbox one can't get a teredo ip address

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xbox one can't get a teredo ip address

been having this problem for months now. my xbox one keeps getting a can't get teredo ip address error and it effects my gaming a lot as it does this to me every 10-20 mins and sometimes its every 1-2hours. I've tried everything to fix it from turning upnp on and of, restarting xbox, restarting router, factory reset xbox, clearing mac address and port forwarding. it only seems to be affecting devices that use a teredo ip like my windows 10 laptop and xbox one. my mum is phoning plusnet tomorrow to see if its on they're end. any suggestions on how to fix this?? as i play games like ark survival evolved and every time i have this error i lose game progress and have to start again.

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Re: xbox one can't get a teredo ip address

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Re: xbox one can't get a teredo ip address

@beccag12 - This interface is used for IPv6 over IPv4 and as Plusnet do not support IPv6 yet, you may want to disable it until such a time as support is available. How to do it in the XBox I don't know but in Windows you can remove the check mark from the IPv6 Protocol of the Network Adapter.

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Re: xbox one can't get a teredo ip address

do not set any port forwarding and switch upnp on and it "should work"


router and game dependant of course but virtual server in the router should automatically create the necessary nat translation tunnel and keep it running for the duration of use, 


things that can mess this up are link drops (wifi / powerline plugs) having "tweaked" power management settings in the router or a faulty router 


ive been using the same billion 8800axl router for a few years with 5 xbox ones and 5 xbox 360's wired to it via switches and alongside 6 computers and several tablets and phones (all running windows 10) and aside from periodic tantrums from the router (every week or two it needs rebooting) upnp "just works", on an average day i can see 20 entries in the virtual server table providing a range of 6>4 tunnels for various devices  


and yes i appreciate i have a lot of devices but i have a lot of people to cater for which is why i bought a small business router... but an isp supplied one should be fine for a handful of devices although they can develop faults periodically ....







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