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Xbox Live Windows 10

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Xbox Live Windows 10

Hi Everyone,


New Plusnet user here on the Fiber Unlimited package, so far so good very happy with the service.


I have tried a few games online through Steam such as Rocket League and CSGO but I went to try Halo The Master Chief Collection which is a Xbox Live game and sometimes I struggle to find games.


Through reading online I found out I should check the NAT type on Windows 10, I did this, but it says something about Teredo might be blocking. With that in mind I searched more and found out that plusnet do not provide ipv6 or something and that is the cause for Teredo error.


What is the solution to this? I have a few Xbox games on PC and I believe I need a open NAT type.


PS, I was using the provided router that came with my package but I just today replaced it with TP-Link Archer VR2800 router, but still no difference that I can see.


Many thanks.

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Re: Xbox Live Windows 10

In your router interface there will be several options that you will need to enable and disable.

uPnP enable
ALG Sip disable
NAT set from secure to open
If you have a static LAN IP for your gaming machine and enable DMZ and point it to the LAN IP set to your gaming machine.

Reboot machine and test.
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Re: Xbox Live Windows 10

With the imminent release of Halo Infinite, nobody's playing the old Halo games at the moment.


Do you see? Cheesy