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High ping

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Registered: ‎12-04-2020

High ping

I am trying to play Call of Duty Warzone and the in-game Ping is 60ms at best, when I do an out of game Ping test I am getting 16ms....any tips, please? I have attached screen shots of my ping and tests


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Re: High ping

When you say out of game ping test, what address are you pinging?

The in game latency/ping is showing the ping to the game server.  

Ping is affected by the physical distance and network devices in the chain along that distance.  

So if the game server is physically a long way away and the other server you pinged is physically very close to you then that would explain the difference.  

I would suggest taking a look at in game region setting (if there are any) to check that you aren't connecting to European servers or anything like that as 60ms does seem quite high for within the UK.