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Gaming Lag fixed when I moved to a static IP address for 2 days then back to normal ??

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Gaming Lag fixed when I moved to a static IP address for 2 days then back to normal ??


I'd previously read that moving to a static IP may resolve some PS4 gaming lag as the traffic was routed differently.  

I arranged to have the static IP address and restarted the router and it was night and day.  After a few days, it returned to the poor gaming experience and hasn't improved. Since then I've added the Plusnet Pro bolt-on to see if that would make any difference. 


I have also purchased a NetDuma router to make sure I was playing on local connections to eliminate High pings. 

The Auto ping game host feature of the net duma, states it's between 9ms and 18ms ping to the host which should be more than perfect for gaming.  

Before the change to the Static IP address, I thought I may be suffering from Lag compensation because I have a relatively low ping on a speed test but I've all but ruled that out when I saw the improvement on static IP address.  


NetDuma Settings

QoS for PS4 gaming traffic
Anti Buffer bloat at 70% maximum connection speeds

Port Forwarding of all relevant PS4 ports. TCP & UDP 
Geo-Location set to the UK 
Playstation traffic has priority on local network

PN1 Setting 

NetDuma is set as static IP and is in the DMZ
UPnP is disabled but makes no difference if it's enabled. 

For me, moving to the Static IP address and seeing the difference in-game, eliminated a few things for me. 

  • Connections to the exchange
  • Internal connections
  • Router setup
  • Lag compensation  

I've always had an issue regardless of provider and location as they all go through the same Maidenhead exchange. 

Over the years It's been 3 different locations and I've tried BT, Vodaphone & Plusnet 

A couple of theories to consider. 
Why does changing to a static connection initial fix the issue?
Could it be something at the exchange throttling my connection? 

When I initially moved to a Static IP address was this on a fast routing but subsequently moved automatically to a slower routing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  If anyone can investigate the logs (if still available) when I moved to the static IP address vs what he logs say now.  


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Re: Gaming Lag fixed when I moved to a static IP address for 2 days then back to normal ??

My ping when in game is quite high. I am hoping Netduma might help?

One question.. what modem have you used?