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Is Plusnet broadband actually any good?

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Is Plusnet broadband actually any good?

With BT's price hikes it has given me a chance to get out of my contract as the prices are ridiculous, I am thinking of going with Plusnet as they seem very cheap.

They mention that they throttle things like streaming and online gaming at peak times, how prominent is this? Also is it anything like TalkTalk as I have been with them and could get better internet by plugging an Ethernet cable into a potato.

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Re: Is Plusnet broadband actually any good?

@josephjill  Welcome to the forum.

I don't know where all these stories about throttling come from. The service that comes down the wires is exactly the same as BT retails, it uses the same infrastructure. Yes sometimes people find that they are connected to an Openreach hot SVLAN and start complaining that they are being deliberately throttled rather than accept that their local Openreach network which is carrying data from the vast majority of ISPs is overloaded. 

The only issue with Plusnet at the moment is the scarcity of customer service agents if you have a problem but again I don't know if othe budget ISPs are any better.


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Re: Is Plusnet broadband actually any good?

I have been with them since 2014 a d unless there is an issues in the area all has been fine. Have been using it for streaming and online gaming and not had any sort of issues. Recently i think its just the router of mine that i have had issues with and trying to see if i can find a solution to that, but again i just suspect it is old and need replacing.