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DNS resolution change

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DNS resolution change

I don't know if this is the right board, per se, but as it relates to a game, I thought I'd ask here.
I've noted from my logs after playing Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Multiplayer that the game, in conjunction with PunkBuster, connects with any of various Evenbalance [PunkBuster] servers.

Having just had a look at my logs for the last two days I've noticed a change, however:
[02.27.2013 13:53:37] Attempting to resolve
[02.27.2013 13:53:37] Resolved to []

I thought it odd and checked back for any other differences, to find:
[02.26.2013 15:01:21] Attempting to resolve
[02.26.2013 15:01:21] Resolved to []
[02.26.2013 15:21:21] Master Query Sent to (MASTER8.EVENBALANCE.COM)
[02.25.2013 23:02:35] Attempting to resolve
[02.25.2013 23:02:35] Resolved to []

Being the suspicious sort, that looked worrisome to me, so I did a WHOIS on the 50.#.#.# IP addresses, to find they are belonging to GoDaddy. If I recall correctly, GoDaddy is some domain host with an apparently really terrible service for the average bod to rent web hosting for a fiver a month, or such like. So I'm wondering why is my game trying instead to connect to some half-baked godaddy domain that isn't Evenbalance? Seems very odd to me, especially when the game still sent a query for master8 to the 66.#.#.# address that does belong to Evenbalance.
Is it possible that a company like Evenbalance would shift from their own servers to this low-grade outfit? It might explain some of the terrible connection problems I've had with the game the last couple of days.