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AMD mamtle

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AMD mamtle

just have to ask if any of PN gamers have tried the new 14.1 drivers with mantle API ?
i have on BF4  Wink i get a slight increase , but also getting some stutter .
But am impressed so far  Cool
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Re: AMD mamtle

It works but not optimised for my HD7970 so performance is all over the place.
There are a few issues with mantle and BF4 to such as the graphics not being quite right but this is a bug on EA's side.
I do like what i see so far so hopeing a new driver with better suport for my card will come out soon.
I have also been testing the star swarm benchmark and i have to say this is where mantle is showing its stuff, I get more stable fps and better average fps than i do in dirextx.
Lowest fps seen using mantle in star swarm were around 18/20fps but in dx mode it droped to 8fps.