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WiFi works but have to reset router for ethernet

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WiFi works but have to reset router for ethernet

went to use my home pc today and the ethernet connection wasnt picking up any internet, however all the wifi worked fine. reset the router and ethernet now works fine but have to do this everytime to make ethernet work

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Re: WiFi works but have to reset router for ethernet


Do you have any other devices connected by ethernet, and does it also happen on them?

Can you access the router's GUI when this happens? ( for a Plusnet Hub2).

I had a similar problem a while back with just my main desktop PC - also only connected by ethernet:

Somehow, both PC and router had become set to allocate a static IP address - but each was showing a different address. In my case though, rebooting the PC reset it back to dynamic IP allocation - until the next time.

The "cure" though, was to delete the desktop PC in the router's GUI, using a different device whilst the desktop PC was switched off. One the desktop was rebooted, I haven't had the problem since.

On a Hub2: > My Devices > Change Settings > Remove (device)

You may need to identify the desktop's MAC address first to ensure that you delete the correct device.