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The future - FTTC or FTTP?

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The future - FTTC or FTTP?

I live in Milton Keynes but I am not one of the lucky ones able to take advantage of the FTTP trial which is on the Bradwell Abbey exchange, we are using the FTTC enabled Newport Pagnell exchange.
My question is which technology is likely to be the future?
If it is FTTP, is it worth wating around until its enabled on my exchange or should I jump on the FTTC trial anyway?
Many thanks
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: The future - FTTC or FTTP?

I think that the short answer is - a mixture of both.
FTTP is used where premises are exchange-fed and bypass a cabinet. FTTC is used in all other cases.
I suppose that FTTP is the future in the long term, but not the forseeable future Smiley