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ORDI request to fix telephone number / address mismatch

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Registered: ‎05-08-2023

ORDI request to fix telephone number / address mismatch


Since John Lewis are stopping their broadband provision through plusnet I have started to look at my options.  Despite having confirmed with an Openreach engineer when he was running the fibre down to my house (long story but order got cancelled by Sky in the end) that I can get full fibre and there is space in the exchange I am still not given full fibre options on many providers sites, including Plusnet's.  I do get the option on Sky and BT's but when I go through ordering process with BT I get the message that the landline and postcode do not match, so I assuming this is why I'm not getting the full set of options.

Reading other forum posts it looks like I need an ORDI request raised with Openreach to get details corrected.  Could someone in plusnet do this for me please.