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Nearly 7 days without full fibre internet

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Nearly 7 days without full fibre internet

Not sure how many people read the forum before becoming a member, but here's a heads up.

My full fibre was on 4th November, not perfect but a lot faster than before. Still very much up and down, but never lower than the minimum.

Just gone midnight last Wednesday it goes completely, with a red light on the open reach box inside the house. Called the next day, appointment booked for the Friday. Engineer turns up mends problem after about 5 mins, saying the cold weather has affected the splice in to the grey outside box, but he's insulated it better now. (so Full Fibre is affected by the cold apparently)  

By 8.04pm it had crashed with exactly the same problem, they shut at 8pm, called Saturday got told nothing till Monday, booked for 1pm - 6pm...  didnt get an email confirmation about the booking so called monday morning to confirmation it was booked in, and it was. After taking last friday off work and then monday, waited till 6:30pm called in and was told sorry theres a not on the system at 5pm telling them to re-book.

Re-booked for today 8am-1pm your guessed it NO SHOW AGAIN !!!   

So we've had no internet use since last wednesday at midnight (apart from approx 8 hrs friday) its now Wednesday 16:45.

They've booked me another appointment for tomorrow. They tell me there is no way of getting a priority call because we've been waiting so long. I'm loosing days  off work, spending a fortune on mobile data, being told sorry nothing can do except rebooking, I've been told small credits have been applied to my account but there is no sign on my account at all.

I can't decide what to do?  there seems no way to deal with continuous no shows..

Has anyone resolved a problem like this.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Nearly 7 days without full fibre internet

Hey @SB5,

I'm very sorry to hear about this experience. I've had a look over your account this afternoon and I can see that the connection now seems to be up and running. How are things looking on your end? If there have been any further problems, please let us know and we will be more than happy to pick this up for investigation.

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