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How do you know if your FTTP has failed?

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How do you know if your FTTP has failed?

Sounds simple - no internet should mean nothing works = FTTP failure.


Whilst on phone (VOIP) this morning line went dead. Checked other websites - unable to connect.

Checked router (not Hub 2 but Linksys with a bit more info) - shows fibre connection is up and stable, just no download/upload.

So ring Plusnet on mobile, but before I get through pressing all the numbers internet reconnects and all the monitoring systems come back on line. So did I have a Fibre failure, or did I have a Plusnet failure, or did I have an internal failure? Plusnet FTTP has been absolutely solid since install (üvg), and system checker shows no problems.

Is there an easy way to identify a problem?

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: How do you know if your FTTP has failed?

Hi @Shackman205,

Earlier today, some customers experienced problems accessing their emails and accounts in Plusnet Member Centre and connecting to their broadband service. We worked quickly to resolve this and we’re very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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 Alex H
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