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House phone to work with my full fibre.

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House phone to work with my full fibre.

Hi, newby here, our full fibre broadband is up and running. BT has now disconnected our landline as requested, So how do I now get a house phone? What do I need for wifi calling?. I believe I need something connected to the back of my router?

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Re: House phone to work with my full fibre.


WiFi calling is a service which may be offered by your mobile provider. If it is, then their website should have details on how to set it up. As far as I know PN Mobile do not offer it.


You may well need to get an Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA) to plug into your router. However, you need to choose your VOIP provider first and then see what their requirements are. They may offer an ATA as part of the package.


Neither WifI calling or VOIP works during power cuts.





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Re: House phone to work with my full fibre.

And depending upon your local situation, mobile phones may also not work during a powercut - someting that is frequently mentioned in met office weather warnings - and something that affects me - as when the power goes off so does my phone signal ( as the mast relys on the same mains power)


So if i was to take full fibre from plusnet and a home phone service fom  voip provider then dring a power cut i would not:

  • Be able to use VOIP service as it would rely uopon the ONT and router which will not work without power
  • Be able to use Wifi calliing, as it would need a wifi signal from the router, and an  ONT both require mains power
  • Be able to use my mobile phone to make a call over the mobile phone network, as the mast(s) needs mains power to function however the signal only drops if the power cut is longer than 15 minutes.

Due to previous expeiriences i ( and a few others is the area) still have an old fashoined corded pone plugged in to the landline socket


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Re: House phone to work with my full fibre.


Leaving aside the need for power to keep the "landline" working using VoIP there are a few questions.

1) Why do you want a landline?

2) You will probably have lost the existing number if BT has disconnected the copper line so do you want something that "looks" like a local phone number?

3) What sort of phones do you want to use (existing ones)?

WiFi calling (on your mobile) is something that some operators offer and others don't (Plusnet mobile it seems doesn't).

Have a look at: 

Wi-Fi Calling & 4G Calling: Which UK Mobile Networks Support It? (

If it suits you can get a VoIP service with an app for your phone then your "landline" is where your mobile is.

Otherwise if you want more "traditional" phones, a VoIP adaptor and connection into your existing phone wiring is a possibility.  





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