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Gigabit FTTP.....When ? And the future......

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Gigabit FTTP.....When ? And the future......

I, like of lot of people here, have been running 330mb connections for along time on the trial of FTTP and I think we all agree it's far more than we really need but I know there is an end game to get 1000mb out as an option I assumed we'd be the people to trail this service there a gigabit service on the horizon ?
Also as an a side issue, any new on VOP fibre phone lines ?
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Re: Gigabit FTTP.....When ? And the future......

I don't think any ISP is offering 330/30 FTTP commercially yet - and it remains to be seen whether they will before 1 Jul (current cost with BTO is £51.61 ex VAT a month for the rental alone). This drops to £29.61 (ex VAT) a month from 1 July but I would imagine an end user is looking at £60+ a month once ISP bandwidth costs/overheads etc. are taken into account. There's also the small issue of whether this can be an unlimited product in line with the FTTC products.
I think there would have to be some serious exchange upgrades and capacity increases before any further speed increases can be trialled. Bradwell Abbey had issues in Jan for around 5 weeks with existing FTTP users seeing massive slow downs/packet loss at peak times. But I do know that that BT have a test centre down near MK train station where they've been trying bonded lines/1Gb FTTP (which I think will be designed for more commercial customers).
BT Infinity have been trialling the fibre voice service, they are the only ISP I am aware that has voice/data provided over fibre at the moment.