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FTTP extension guidelines

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FTTP extension guidelines

Hi everyone
I'm after some guidlines as to what and where I can route my fibre.
The splice point has been fitted onto the outside of the house, outside a bathroom, so there is zero chance of fitting a modem on the inside wall.
I've asked for an extension kit for when they come back to finish off the install inside, but I'm trying to work out where I might be able to have the modem & router fitted.
Does the fibre have to enter the house at the CSP or can an extension go round the outside & in somewhere else?
Does it have a large bend radius that would make it difficult to run round external or internal corners?
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Re: FTTP extension guidelines

I think you're going to have to wait for the engineer and talk through with him exactly where you want the ONT to be located. I would think the BT engineer would want the ONT located close to your NTE5. You could have your router located wherever you want, it's just a question of running Cat5e/6 cable between the ONT/router.
Normally exterior grade cable has a thick PVC coating to protect it from the elements/UV rays, but the cable BT normally use (NextGen) is white and looks like interior cable. They may have other options for you though.
Bend radius is something like 20-30mm I think.