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999 calls

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999 calls

I have FTTC an there's an option to go 'full fibre'.  But - and excuse my ignorance - isn't the copper wire connection removed when full fibre is installed?  If this is true, how do i make a 999 phone call during a power cut?  (The mobile network doesn't work as the local masts need the same power that I've been cut from.)  Am i missing something?

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Re: 999 calls

If you upgrade to full fibre you will only be able to make phone calls using  a third party VoIP provider and ATA.

To retain your landline number you will have to sign up for a new full fibre account and when working port your number to VoIP provider which will cease the FTTC account. If agreed with staff any early exit charge will be waived.


For protection against power failure you would need some form of battery backup for the ONT, Hub, and ATA plus base station for any DECT phones.


The mobile mast should have battery backup

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Re: 999 calls


As an aside to your query, OpenReach are currently in the process of phasing out PSTN with a completion date of end 2025 (though you could probably take that with a pinch of salt).


When that happens there will be no copper network as such. The only copper left will be the lines between fibre cabinets and properties used to supply FTTC.


If you think about changing check to see if your mobile provider supports WiFi calling. Then think about UPS to keep you going short term during a power cut. Note that this wouldn't last that long.



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Re: 999 calls

Whe you get a powercut, and lose your phone signal  you cold run a flag up a pole and hope someone sees it.


During weather warnings one bot of advice from the met office typically invovles a statemtn along the lines of mobile phone reception could be affected if the weather causes a power cut.