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Upload bandwidth cap removal?

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Upload bandwidth cap removal?

Hi all,


I hear that if I am on a CN21 exchange I can get my 2mbps upload cap removed for free.

This would be great as i've just returned to plusnet fibre after university and have been caught out by the recent changes to the previously 20mbps upload cap and my upload is maxing out at the 2mbps limit.

Should I give them a call or is there a better way of going about this?





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Re: Upload bandwidth cap removal?

firstly, what FTTC package are you?
plusnet only offer 40/2 or 80/20 now to new customers.
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Re: Upload bandwidth cap removal?

The upload uncap I believe you're referring to is for ADSL2+ customers going from a 448kbps upload. On fibre the upload speed we supply on is decided by the product you've signed up to.

Due to the product you're on the upload speed is up to 1.9Mb/s, to get higher would mean moving to our higher fibre product.


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