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FTTC - deliberate PPP disconnect

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FTTC - deliberate PPP disconnect

I'm in the process of doing some server work - one element is virtualising pfSense in Hyper-V on my main server and using the second box for something else.

As can be understood, there's going to be a lot of times when the server needs to be rebooted over the next few days. Since pfSense is on said server (albeit virtualised), when rebooting it turns off and drops the PPP session.

On fibre, do PPP sesh disconnects matter? Does this impact the DLM for the line? (Openreach modem stays synced and connected all the time so no worries there)

Interested as if that's going to be the case, forward planning is going to be essential Sad
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Re: FTTC - deliberate PPP disconnect

PPP drops and re-connects will not affect DLM if the modem remains in sync. DLM is looking at line stats, error counts etc so you shouldn't have any problem.

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Re: FTTC - deliberate PPP disconnect


RealAleMadrid is correct, dropping PPP shouldn't cause an impact with DLM as long as the line stays in sync.

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