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Sync Speeds All Over The Place

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Sync Speeds All Over The Place

Is there something I'm missing here?! 


I reported on 25/4 that I was getting a reduced speed from Plusnet. I am subscribed to 80mb and have been for roughly 3 years without issue. However, in the last 2 months, I've been getting sync speeds of anywhere from 20mb-62mb. 


Openreach sent a very nice gentleman out to investigate, however, I think (although he was a lovely guy) he must have blagged his job as the speed actually decreased from 55mb to 20mb after he left! His recommendation was to move my router and use da shielded CAT6 cable as I run some cabling in the same duct as the mains! So I've played the game, moved the router, used shielded CAT6, oh guess what NO DIFFERENCE!! 


So whilst testing the speed on the wholesale site (when it works) my profile speed is constantly at 55mbs! not within the tolerance of Plusnet's guidelines for minimum speed.


I do find it very strange how no one can tell me what's going on, doing a simple google on this indicates that there is almost always a problem at the exchange! Could it possibly be an oversubscribed issue?


Oh and for anyone working at Plusnet reading this, NOT EVERYONE HAS A LAPTOP WITH AN ETHERNET PORT! This is 2019 Macbook air does not have ethernet so stop asking!! 

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Sync Speeds All Over The Place


Hi @ollie2109uk


Thanks for getting in touch.


I can see that my colleague Darren has taken ownership of this for you and spoke to you yesterday evening in terms of moving this forward. Darren will provide further updates via telephone or your fault ticket here.


Best wishes