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Re: Recently joined - Slow speeds

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Re: Recently joined - Slow speeds

I totally agree with you.  I've recently joined Plusnet for their fibre as I had slow broadband.  I STILL have slow broadband and cannot even do the live chats because my internet keeps dropping out.  What makes me laugh is when you want to join them its so easy to actually speak to a real person, yet once you've paid your money and are meant to have the service they don't seem to care.  I'm really not impressed so far.  I'm hoping someone on here will tell me that my broadband will suddenly improve!! Even comments on FB take forever to open, even when i'm sat in front of the router. :-( 

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Re: Recently joined - Slow speeds

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Recently joined - Slow speeds

Sorry to hear you're having issues.

Our tests aren't showing any obvious cause.

Do you connect over a wired or wireless connection?

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