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Orange light, flashing red symbol.

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Orange light, flashing red symbol.

So we signed contracts on our new offices, we thought plusnet seem to have a good deal, let's sign up.

Why on gods earth did we do this? At first "yes Mr Williams you can have fibre", "yes Mr Williams" you will get it before the 1st of August.

It's now the 11th of august, openreach have been out all we have is flashing lights and no internet.

When you want to sign up as a new customer you're on hold for 20 seconds, but now as a business customer with a problem it's a twenty minute wait. Apparently the problem i have is with the fault dept. the guy on the phone 20 minutes ago told me it's not an actual department, we just get told what to do when we come into work "apparently if it's quiet he might take a look and call me back before 5.30, well it's 5.14. Shall i hold my breath?


Quite frankly this is about the worst first impression i've ever had with a company.


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Re: Orange light, flashing red symbol.

I'm sorry to read of the issues you've experienced, looking over your account I can see the ticket has been picked up and responded to and there's an engineer arrive for today to investigate. I hope this gets sorted asap for you.

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