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Latency issues online gaming

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Latency issues online gaming


I've been trying to play some online PS4 games and am having bad rubber-banding/lag issues. The PS4 itself is on a wired connection and in general the ping seems to be fine, yet the rubber-banding and lag comes out of nowhere.

I've tried a few different games on a few different servers and have had no luck.

Any help on this?


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Re: Latency issues online gaming

what router are you using?

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Latency issues online gaming

Good morning @korxu


Thanks a lot for reaching out and I'm sorry to hear about the issues you're having with your service.


first of all, if you're able to plug in your Plusnet Issued router, and gather some ping data, this would give us a better indication as to whether the source of the problems are with your router itself. Also, I've run some tests which appear to show that your download speed is operating below those which were guaranteed as per your contract, so please check out our Broadband Troubleshooting guide which I'll link below. you're looking to achieve speeds above 16.7Mbps, you're currently getting 15.9 Mbps


Broadband Troubleshooting:


When testing, if you can, please use the test socket which lies behind the faceplate of the main master socket, try avoiding any extension cables/sockets as well.


If your speeds do not improve, using a Plusnet Hub One, please head over to and raise this with our Technical Support Team

 Plusnet Help Team - Leeds