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?contact PN via email ?

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?contact PN via email ?

Just got a email from PN,

We emailed you recently about your Plusnet services and told you your Line Rental Saver expires on 29 October. We're sorry but we made a mistake and it actually expires on 28 October 2016. If you've recently renewed your Line Rental Saver the date mentioned above may not take this into account.  
  If you have any questions, then give us a call on 0800 073 3054.

OK no problem with that but if I have any questions phone us on 0800 073 3054, why is a PN email address not shown ?

If you can contact me by email then surely the priority should be an option of responding by email ?

As it is I do not have any questions other than the one above.


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Re: ?contact PN via email ?

We have never used email for support purposes, that's why we don't accept replies to it.

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