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YouView not recording series links

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YouView not recording series links



Is there anyone else having trouble with the old PN YouView box keeping a series link in the planner.


If we set something to record, it asks if you want to record an episode or series, and if we select series, after the initial recording it disappears out of the scheduled screen and doesn't record any more of the series.


It was working ok until a month or so ago, but now it's a pain having to keep adding back in recordings.




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Re: YouView not recording series links

@minkey wrote:

Is there anyone else having trouble with the old PN YouView box keeping a series link in the planner.


Happy New Year @minkey 


Yes, have seen that here over the last few weeks - but not consistently or predictably.  Most of the time it's fine unless I forget to switch on the TV/YVbox before the time of a scheduled recording (like everyone else I'm paring down electricity-usage) but even then (if I forgot) sometimes it will retain the series link and other times there is the need to set it up again.


However I did notice that some series stuff (just one or two I think, though don't recall which) disappeared without warning a few weeks back, maybe early December.

Had thought it was maybe some type of set-up change at the YouView end (like when they changed the channel numbers) as I don't think it has happened here since (thankfully).  Tbh I don't record much in the way of series, usually it's just individual recordings from film four (Yesterday, Last Christmas, whatever).


Regards, Penny.

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