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Would you recommend Plusnet?

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Would you recommend Plusnet?

Ok so I’m currently with BT but they want to rip me off with another 2 year contract, same 75mb speed but £9 more than I pay now! I need to change. I’ve looked at Sky and PN as options for full fast fibre, 145mb. I had issues with connection with Sky many years ago but they may be better now.

Would you recommend PN for overall fibre, speed, reliability, customer services?


I live in North Wales, not sure if anyone local to me uses PN.

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Re: Would you recommend Plusnet?


Plusnet use the Openreach network as does BT, EE and many other ISPs so your location is irrelevant. The speed and reliability of the connection will be the same as for all these suppliers.

Over the years that I have used Plusnet I have had very little need for support but when required it was always forthcoming. I would also recommend this forum if you have problems.

Beware of review sites as these do not reflect a balanced view.

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Re: Would you recommend Plusnet?

I would recommend PN because of their customer service; very knowledgeable and responsive on here. I rarely call and mainly just use the forums and it's always been great. Between the reps and other users you can always get the help you need here.

I've only called in once and everything went very smoothly (we had a bit of a complicated move from one property to another) and pn helped a great deal when virgin media let us down and bailed out of doing an install at our property.

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Re: Would you recommend Plusnet?

If it was me, I would recommend PN for overall fibre, speed, reliability, customer services! I use to be with PN for FTTC 2014 to 2021. But if FTTP become available I would go back to PN for 80/20.

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Re: Would you recommend Plusnet?

I was with Plusnet before they were bought by BT and I came back as a customer a few years ago.
I recently upgraded to FTTP 500mb.
I have no hesitation in recommending them.
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Re: Would you recommend Plusnet?

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Re: Would you recommend Plusnet?

Having used many different ISPs over the years, PlusNet is the only one that stands out for the quality of its customer service and support

BT is by far the worst, promise you one thing and then totally ignore it


So yes, 5 stars to PlusNet

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Re: Would you recommend Plusnet?

Yes I would.    I did leave Plusnet earlier this year because I wanted to move to FTTP (at the time PN didn't offer full fibre) but I had been very happy with PlusNet and regret having to move providers - no idea why PlusNet were so slow to offer FTTP.

If I were making the choice now I would go with PlusNet, I was very happy with them.

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Re: Would you recommend Plusnet?

Same for me, didn't want to leave PlusNet but wanted Full Fibre, will be on way back soon as i can sort my landline number
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Re: Would you recommend Plusnet?

Started with Force 9 back in 2001 which was taken over in 2007. In 15 yrs with Plusnet I've has 2 fairly major problems, both were quickly and efficiently sorted. Big bonus is the amount of help here given by the forum members, many are pros others are very knowledgeable enthusiasts.

Would I recommend Plusnet ? For home use definitely............

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Re: Would you recommend Plusnet?

I would have a look at all the providers available to your address.

It depends on your needs and price you are willing to pay.

All providers have =/- it doesn't matter which network they are on.

If you didn't want FTTP a lot of FTTC providers offer 12 month deals it does look like a lot of these companies Plusnet one of them do not care about customer loyalty switching is only way to get proper deals.

Big negative about Plusnet the system they use online is terrible it's a broken mess you end up needing to phone them.
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Re: Would you recommend Plusnet?

@MillerJones short answer - yes.

Longer answer for a large Internet Service Provider at the lower price end of the market I've always been very impressed with the service.

On "fibre to the cabinet" (so you connect your router to a phone socket) Plusnet works as well as (say) BT as much of the infrastructure is common.

With "Fibre To The Premises" matters are a bit more complicated. Plusnet don't have a landline phone service and so you have to do "something" if you want to keep your landline number before you move from BT.

I think Sky do offer a landline phone service on FTTP so if you want to have FTTP and a landline you may want to go with someone other than Plusnet. If you don't need to keep your landline number, Plusnet will, I'm sure, be fine.

The whole landline phone and full fibre "thing" is a dreadful mess with Plusnet.






I am the satisfied customer....
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Re: Would you recommend Plusnet?

@MillerJones  I would have to totally disagree with you regarding having to phone Plusnet. I have been a customer more than once over the last 17 years. the few problems I have had  ( generally openreach mistakes or line faults) have been dealt with by the forum or automated phone fault reporting. I may have called a few times to get renewal deals but not very often. I do follow the forum posts so probably pick up all the quirks of the Plusnet system which is a bit flaky but I can live with that.😀

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Re: Would you recommend Plusnet?

I’ve been with Plusnet for many years and encountered a fair few issues. However on every occasion the source of the issue has been BT Openreach. All ISPs are blighted with the same issues in that area - poor communication and failure to deliver. In my experience Plusnet has sought to be proactive with such issues, but can only be as good as the information divulged by BTOR.

Recently my FTTC went very flaky. I used Plusnet’s diagnostic BOT (you send a text message) and within 20 minutes, the issue has been diagnosed and escalated to BTOR. Unfortunately it took BTOR 24 hours to get their finger out to fix a multi-user local issue. Given the fix occurred at 02:30 one can imagine that it was a simple reboot of shared infrastructure. Shame BTOR did not do that when the issue was reported.

Support staff around here are great but frequently a bit stretched, however many issues can be dealt with with advice from other users.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.