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When will PlusNet begin supporting IPV6?

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Registered: ‎27-09-2014

Re: When will PlusNet begin supporting IPV6?

At the moment, I have a static IPv4 address from Plusnet, which is useful for a few things. That takes me back to my earliest internet days, with Demon Internet on dial-up.

I expect to be moving this summer, so new set-up, and I am not sure if Plusnet would be a good choice without IPv6, but without that forcing my hand, I'm happy with what I have. And that likely move makes me a bad test subject. I would like some sort of reliable timetable for any change.

And I can quite understand how the past year has completely messed up any company's plans. Just an amendment to that web-page covering that would at least show the company was still alive. I have run into an uncomfortable number of companies that can't manage that, and it does look as if the tech industry has too many people who are only able to talk with machines.

What I have would be a little sluggish for a family. Some of the longer-term plans, from BT and others, would make a big difference to those cases. But IPv6 has been around for so long, about 25 years, that I have to wonder why it isn't here yet. The Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre has run out of IPv4 addresses.