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Webspace archived as too large

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Webspace archived as too large

I need the files restoring so that I can remove the files that were incorrectly up-loaded.

Site was used whilst email was not available and then not deleted quickly enough.

The email from "abuse* gave the link below which returned 404

So I had nowhere to go so  I rang support and was passed around and then it went dead so what do I do next?


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Re: Webspace archived as too large

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Re: Webspace archived as too large

Good luck with getting this sorted sensibly and in a timely manner Smiley

PN have known about this problem for a long time. I even provided some detailed info back in July after similarly being accused of 'abuse' despite the data available to me clearly saying different. Fortunately I only got a warning but the reported problems have just been ignored. You'll probably also find that your usage as quoted via the portal is still complete and utter rubbish. Last time I checked mine, the figure stated for current usage bore no resemblance to reality and didn't appear to have been updated for several months if not years.

PN are monitoring your storage usage and bandwidth consumption using completely different methods/systems to those which are available to users. It is therefore entirely conceivable that your usage is quoted via the portal as being well below your limit and your bandwidth is either shown as being likewise or not available at all due to missing webstats/logfile data ... but PN will still send out emails alleging 'abuse', including the (in)famous 404 link for more info, and then potentially pull the plug on you because their figures apparently say different Roll_eyes

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Re: Webspace archived as too large

Thanks for your post @snowdon and welcome to our Community Forums.

I can see you've spoken with an adviser last night who raised a task to NetOps and we restored your webspace around 4 hours later. I've checked your website and it looks to be back up and running now.

Can you let me know if everything's OK now? 

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