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UK Broadband PlusNet vs Zen

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UK Broadband PlusNet vs Zen

Hi. So, we`re moving to new property, we had Virgin in our flat, which was perfect for us, but now there`s going to be only BT line. So after long research I came down to either PlusNet or Zen(Both 40 mb speeds). PlusNet would be cheaper - 24 PlusNet vs 32 Zen. As well, you`re getting cashback for PLusNet and there`s no activation fee. Now, I would`ve gone to Zen even if it`s slightly more expensive and has much better router and I`ve read so much positive reviews and comments for Zen that you can expect stable connection with them and reliable speeds. The thing is, I`ve checked on samknows website that they don`t have their LLU at my exchange(It`s few miles from my property, btw). So would there REALLY be any difference as both providers would resell BT line for me? I work from home, so I would need stable connection all the time. Maybe I should go for Zen because of the router they provide? Or PlusNet woul do the thing perfectly?

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Re: UK Broadband PlusNet vs Zen


This question comes up from time to time. The Plusnet Hub is a weak point that can be resolved by going on to an auction site such as Ebay and getting a BT Smarthub 6 which can be configured to work on a Plusnet connection, see the Router board. These go for very little money so the cost is lost in the noise. The speeds are likely to be very similar also.

The big factor to consider is customer service. Whilst you will have no problems getting through to sign up to Plusnet once you're a customer the customer service is currently on the poor side of dreadful! I have no idea whether Zen's are any better, their reputation certainly is so I can only guess that this is what you pay the extra for.

Of course if you have a good broadband connection and the billing system works for you then you never need to contact customer services. The choice of whether the back up of hopefully better customer service, should you need it, is worth £100+ per year is yours I'm afraid.

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