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Slow Youview box

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Slow Youview box

I am very happy with my current broadband speed 12-14Mb, and for ADSL I can't complain at all. Initially it was running at less than 1Mb but after some months and a fair amount of stressful communications with Plusnet, I was given a better connection and everything is fine.

Yesterday my wife who was ill at home in bed, disconnected the cable from the telephone socket to my router (thinking she was disconnecting the telephone). This led to a lot of grief because I thought I had simply lost the internet (as one would) and spent some hours trying to get it back again. The only residual effect of this is that the Plusnet box seems to be running very slow so I can't watch catch up TV. Real shame because "New Blood" is great!

I have tried all sorts of things, switching just about everything on and off (router, powerline adaptors, youview box). I have moved the powerline adaptor from the router, to a separate power socket and tried to re-syncronise the two adaptors (They both show three green lights, so seem to be working). I have reset the youview box and checked to make sure that everything is up to date.

The funny thing is that it did work OK a few months ago (I go away a lot).

I am wondering what options do I have left:

Hard wire the youview box to the router and see if it runs better without powerline adaptors.

Buy a new youview box.

Go back to reading books and watch less television.

I understand that a broadband speed of greater than 2Mb is required for catch up TV, and I have much more than than. I can watch the catch up TV fine on my tablet (would like to watch it on the Television however).

Any sensible advice gratefully received.






Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Slow Youview box

Hi peter_w,

Are you still having the same issues with your connection? I would try a wired connection into the box as this will give you a true representation of the connection through the box as you can loose signal strength through power line adapters as this has to travel around your internal circuits. I would also check your connections to your router with these checks from this link