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Screen share request claiming to have been sent by [removed]

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Screen share request claiming to have been sent by [removed]

On 20 March 2021 I telephoned Plusnet to renew my contract, agreed the terms, and received a standard email with general details and an open question email with specific details. The Plusnet account executive told me to expect these. However, immediately afterwards I received a screen share request with "" displayed as the sender, while the email text said the message had been sent by " [Removed]". I disregarded the request as the Plusnet account executive had made no mention of this and because I don't share my computer screen.

When I telephoned Plusnet again (two days later) about a different matter (bill problem), I asked about the suspicious email and was told it had not been sent by Plusnet.

However, the timing and the claim in the email that it comes from Plusnet are very suspicious and make me worry about security -- both mine and Plusnet's.

Does anyone have any ideas about this?


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Re: Screen share request claiming to have been sent by


The Lightco documentation is your new contract. When I changed contract in August last year I was told it was a new system at that time. The representative that |I was dealing with was sharing the screen with me and I read the terms and accepted and completed the procedure. It remains on my inbox as an email.