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Pro Addon worth it?

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Pro Addon worth it?


Hi everyone


I am currently on the Unlimited Fibre Extra plan but I am wondering whether the Pro add-on would benefit me?

I am a web developer, using a NAS drive which backs up production servers on a nightly basis (off peak). I can also SSH and FTP into this as and when needed.

I also have a small Raspberry Pi, with port 80 open, as well as SSH open.

As well as all the other internet based TV (netflix, Amazon etc) would I benefit from having the Pro plan? 

I don't game at all if this would make a difference.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Pro Addon worth it?


Hi @danielhand


I wouldn't recommend the pro add-on on any of the up to date unlimited packages.


Although it did have an affect on some legacy packages we used to offer (That some customers still use) it's not worth it on the newer unlimited packages.

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